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Listed below are new items for sale. If you have anything you wish to sell please contact me!

"for 'CAMPBELL' collectors only" Book


From the Author Tony Stuchbury:-

"A true collectors scrapbook of items and images dedicated and relating to Donald Campbell and Bluebird. As a self confessed Donald Campbell and Bluebird anorak I thought it was time to showcase some of my Coniston photography. My images, along with some pieces from my Campbell collection will hopefully provide enjoyment for you, the like minded others …." I hope you will enjoy and treasure my book as part of YOUR collection.


Donald Campbells BLUEBIRD K7 ( Ullswater 1955 )

Donald Campbells BLUEBIRD K4 ( Prop - Rider) ( Oltranza Cup 1951 )

Malcolm Campbells BLUEBIRD K4 ( Jet Conversion ) ( Coniston 1947 )

Malcolm Campbells BLUEBIRD K4 ( Coniston 1939 )

(All above are scale outline drawings only and are limited to 20 copies each)

Prices: £15.00 per plan, inclusive of Postage and Packing !

Buy all 4 for £50.00, again inclusive of Postage and Packing !

A4. Engineering Drawings for: Donald Campbells, BLUEBIRD K7

Price: £5.00, inclusive of Postage and Packing.

A3. General Arrangement Drawings. ( Copies of Vospers Originals ) ( Side View and Plan )

BLUEBIRD K4 Prop (Scale: 1" - 1ft ) ( Drawing No: 8277 )

BLUEBIRD K4 Prop + ( All Pontoon and Hull Offsets ) ( Drawing No: 8231 )

BLUEBIRD K4 ( De Havilland Jet Conversion ) ( Drawing No: 13839 )

BLUEBIRD K4 ( De Havilland Jet Conversion) ( Detailed Drawing No: 13132 )

BLUEBIRD K4 ( Plan of Vospers Jet Test Model ) ( Drawing No: 12819 )

( Only ONE of each original , Best Offer Secures !)

Cheques/Postal orders payable to: Andrew McCoy.
74, Stockwell Grove, Wrexham, North Wales. LL13 7HL
Email: abmccoy@hotmail.co.uk

Speed King DVD

In 1935 Sir Malcolm Campbell's obsession was to win the World's land speed record in his car Bluebird. Speed King is about the man,the and ruthless,but irresistible public ambition of a world hero.

Robert Hardy as Malcolm Campbell.
Neil Nisbet as young Donald Campbell.
Jack Galloway as Leo Villa.


This film is a copy from a video hence a video quality picture, there is no colour loss and the quality is good for its age,but it is not DVD quality.Very enjoyable to watch though.So it does have an aged look of course, but it does not detract from the viewing and is of great interest for any Campbell enthusiast.

If you wish to own a copy at a cost of £12.99 this includes free postage and packing.(I accept PAYPAL and personal cheques).

I have other Donald & Malcolm Campbell-Films & Documentarys DVD's available.Please contact me via e-mail or phone for a full list.

Contact:-nobby.pennytoy@btinternet.com or 0115 9271821.

Bluebird Bookmarks and Cards


Limited numbered edition of 50

A4 Size

£12.00 each inc UK postage

Available from

Martyn Leedham
246 High Lane
Stoke on Trent


K4 Blue Bird Bookmark featuring Sir Malcolm Campbell piloting K4 on Coniston Water in 1947 Limited Edition of 300
£2.75 each inc. postage

80th Anniversary of Malcolm Campbell's 301mph Land Speed Record. Limited Edition of 300.
£2.75 each

Celebrating the "The Double", limited edition of 276.
£2.75 each including postage UK

Concise biography of Donald Campbell C.B.E., including details of all his world speed records. Image courtesy of Arthur Benjamins from his painting entitled "Across the Lake"
£2.75 each including postage UK

K7 Greeting Card 2011
Celebrating the 90th anniversary of Donald Campbell`s birth
including 1st class stamp featuring DMC
£3.00 each UK £3.50 overseas including postage.

New K7 Greeting Card
£3.00 each UK £3.50 overseas including postage.
Featuring Arthur Benjamins “Across the Lake” image. Blank inside.Blank inside for own message. Limited edition of 300.

A donation from each sale will be made to the Bluebird Supporters Club

Contact Martyn Leedham, 246 High Lane, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. ST6 1BJ.

Paul Allonby photographs

You can purchase a range of pictures of Donald from Paul Allonby. Prints nominal size - 8 x 10 inches - Cost per print is £9.00 Inc post and packing

Please click on the thumbnails below for a larger picture of the contact sheets

To order these prints either contact Paul Allonby at:
Paul W Allonby
Borrans Road
LA22 0EN

orDownload this word file and place your order using the reference numbers at the top of the contact sheets

"Rainbow Coloured"

A fascinating and in-depth assessment of thedevelopment of Donald Campbell's Bluebird K7 Hydroplane.

Expressed in both words and unique detailed illustrations.

The price is £20 plus P&P

Visit the website www.rainbowcoloured.co.uk

Click here to go to the site!

"The Bluebird Years" Book
This is a much expanded and updated version of "With Campbell at Coniston" by Arther Knowles, but with details on the recovery and loads of excellent photographs and drawings. You can also download a videoclip of "The final run" from their website.
Click Here to go to the Sigmapress site

Skimming The Pages Of Speed Record books
'A Concise Bibliography Of Land, Water And Air Speed Records. Compiled By John B Bullivant'

This booklet is A4 size, and is 60+ pages long. The booklet is split into 3 sections land, air and water. It costs £7, including posting and packaging, and tries to locate every speed record book in print, the author, publisher and date puiblished. Please send cheques payable to J Bullivant, 22 Coronation Crescent, Frenchwood, Preston, Lancashire, PR1 4JY

You can contact John at johnbul@hotmail.com

Donald Campbell News Footage Video
This video contains nearly 3 Hours of newsreel footage.The footage covers Malcolm and Donalds entire record breaking career from 1925-1967. It has almost 80 news items. It even has excerpts that never made it to the original newsreels. This video contains the raw footage only, no commentry or editing, just pure newsreel items as they would have been.

It is available for £25.00, to obtain this footage please contact Colin at ego1online@hotmail.com
Colin also has a similar type video on John Cobb
Click Here To Buy this Donald Campbell "Speed King" video at sendit.com Click Here to Go Direct to this video Click Here to Goto sendit.com Homepage
This video is only £5.29+P&P. It was originally sold as an exclusive to WHSmith, but is now at sendit.com. If you havn't got it, buy it!

Replicast models
Click Here to buy this bookLike the model K7 at the top of the page? Then try Replicast. They offer a whole range of models and art prints. Also available is the booklet on the left. This new lithographed version contains details of the lives and boats of Gar Wood, Sir Henry Seagrave, Kaye Don, Sir Malcolm campbell, Stanley Sayers, John Cobb, Mario Verga, Donald Campbell, Lee Taylor, Ken Warby and Craig Arfons. Superb Value at £3.50 including P&P.

Arthur Benjamins Prints
Fine art prints like the ones below are available from Arthur Benjamins, his fantastic artwork covers all motorsport. For more information please contact:
Arthur Benjamins,
"Blue Bird Publications"
162 Swievelands Road,
Biggin Hill,
TN16 3QX
Tel: 01959 574414

For further prints and details Please contact:
Arthur Benjamins,
Blue Bird Publications
162 Swievelands Road,
Biggin Hill,
TN16 3QX
Tel: 01959 574414
email: bbirdpubl@aol.com

For further prints and details Please contact:

Arthur Benjamins,
Blue Bird Publications
162 Swievelands Road,
Biggin Hill,
TN16 3QX
Tel: 01959 574414
email: bbirdpubl@aol.com

For further prints and details Please contact:

Arthur Benjamins,
Blue Bird Publications
162 Swievelands Road,
Biggin Hill,
TN16 3QX
Tel: 01959 574414
email: bbirdpubl@aol.com

One of Arthurs new style pictures, he may print if enough interest is shown!
For further prints and details Please contact:

Arthur Benjamins,
Blue Bird Publications
162 Swievelands Road,
Biggin Hill,
TN16 3QX
Tel: 01959 574414
email: bbirdpubl@aol.com
"Full Power" WILL be reprinted in a higher quality than previously, prices below
a) They will be in unsigned form at £25
b) Signed and numbered by Artist at £45.
c) As (b) and co-signed by Ken Norris at £85.
d) As (c) and co-signed by Jen Wales at £125. Please contact Arthur to reserve one now!
For further prints and details Please contact:

Arthur Benjamins,
Blue Bird Publications
162 Swievelands Road,
Biggin Hill,
TN16 3QX
Tel: 01959 574414
email: bbirdpubl@aol.com

Here is a list of names and e-mails of people who wish to trade or swap their Bluebird, Campbell and Speed Record items. If you want your name added please email me!

NameE-mail address
Richard Fatkin would like to purchase an original piece of Bluebird K7, if any are available from the items recovered in 1967. Please email any offersr.fatkin@jamesjones.co.uk
Andrew HastyRAVIFOURANDY@aol.com
Fred Marshall - Looking to buy!fred@oak-farm.com
Christopher BarnesCJBFOOTBALLCO@aol.com
James Belcherjbelcher@ic24.net
Robert Sanders, Looking for books etc.rs@flymail.fm
Andrew Tyson, Would like to start collecting memorabilia (anything!)rallyesport@btinternet.com
Paul Cook, Looking to add to his collectionpaulcooky@aol.com
Steve Milburn.lived in coniston when donald visited for record atempts.grandparant worked for mrs robinson at the sun hotel where donald stayed.we have photos of donald with my family.my sisters and i had the pleasure of going to visit donald and leo at the lake.we were acompanied by anthony robinson and had the honour of sitting in k7.if you require further information please e-mailMilburnstv@aol.com
Mark Goodman is after any K7 photos,especially 1955!He is also interested in acquiring any DC or LV memorabilia, especially museum quality, which is always offered to the Ruskin in the first instance on long-term loan. You can email him mg@banquocredit.com
Andy Stirland, "Looking any pictures or info relating to DC's Bluebird Jetstar used at the 19966/7 WWSR attempt. I am happy to buy or trade for other DC items I have collected from outside this period"a.stirland1@btopenworld.com
Gary Boyd-Hope is looking for a copy of 'Into the Water Barrier', he is also looking for a copy of the BBC 'Speed King' film about Malcolm Campbell, even if it was only a loan of a copygary.boyd-hope@ntlworld.com

Speed Record Newsgroup

Excellent Newsgroup created by Andy Griffin, for all types of Speed Records. Discuss, debate ask and answer. Easy to join and a great place to "talk" to other enthusiasts. You can also upload files or view files already there. There is also a chance to chat with others online!

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Items listed here are done so in good faith. It is the responsibility of the prospective buyer to establish the authenticity of the item they wish to purchase.

If you have any memorabilia you would like to sell, please contact me and I can put it on the site.

Donald Campbells British and Australian pilots Licences may be for sale!
Contact Stuart at
BluebirdK71967@aol.com for further information.
UK Pilots LicenceAustralian Pilots Licence