Leo Villa was involved with Donald and Malcolm Campbell on all their Bluebird record attempts. He was a vital member of the record breaking teams. When Donald decided to take over the role of his father he knew exactly who to turn to.

Leo Villa was without a doubt the man who would be capable of taking Donald to maximum speed. He was affectionately known to Donald as Uncle. Donald had known him since he was a boy and Leo always had time for little Donald. His knowledge was immense and he helped raise the records in the boat for four successive years.

He first started as a young engineer helping Giulio Foresti. He sat alongside Foresti when he won his class in the 1921 Targa Florio. He went to work with Malcolm Campbell in 1923. He prepared Malcolm's racing cars that raced at Brooklands among other places. He then helped Malcolm to various land speed records.

He survived both Malcolm and Donald.

Leo Villas Cufflinks

Leo Vilas Cufflinks

Leonard White was given Leo's Cufflinks by Joyce Villa (Leo Juniors widow). Leo Jr worked for Len, and he met Leo Senior while he was president of the Dragsters Association. Joyce assured Len that each member of 1966/7 team was given a set of gold cufflinks. They feature miniature KLG sparkplugs he can be e-mailed at lenwhiteuk@yahoo.co.uk