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Gina Campbell Official Website
Link to Gina's website, with details of Gina and her life as well as a news section.
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I am not alone! Here is a site from down under created by Peter Burness. Excellent site with details of Sir Malcolm and Donald and Leo Villa.

Speed Record Newsgroup

Excellent Newsgroup created by Andy Griffin, for all types of Speed Records. Discuss, debate ask and answer. Easy to join and a great place to "talk" to other enthusiasts. You can also upload files or view files already there. There is also a chance to chat with others online!

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Bluebird Supporters Club
Go to the Bluebird Supporters Club website
A club dedicated to keeping the Campbell and Bluebird heritage alive, and to promote any future record attempts by descendants of Sir Malcolm Campbell.

Membership Fees are yearly
Individual - £25.00
Joint - £35.00
Family (2 Adults including named children under the age of 16) - £45.00
Overseas membership add an additional - £10.00 to above prices.
They produce a quarterly news letter, club merchandise at reduced rates to members and updates on Bluebird Electric Project.
Their address is:-
Bluebird Supporters Club
PO Box 15

Fred Blois Website
Fred will try and answer any Donald Campbell questions you may have! He also has for sale lots of his excellent drawing and his great books.
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Bluebird Project Website
This is the official website of the team who raised Bluebird K7.
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Touchwood Models
Very popular model manufacturer of various speed record kits, including K7 which many use to convert to r/c running.
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Replicast models
Replicast sell models, books and prints (By Arthur Benjamins and John Pittaway amongst others), nearly all of which are speed record related!
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The Bluebird Café, Coniston
Lovely café located next to Coniston Water, they offer a wide selection of good food and drink including a selection of beers and wines, as well as offering a large selection of gifts and Campbell and Bluebird Memorabilia

'Campbells on Coniston' cruises
Cruises on Coniston water with a very full commentary about the WWS Record attempts on the water by Sir Malcolm and Donald Campbell.

The Ruskin Museum, Coniston
Museum in beautiful Coniston with details on Donald. Worth a visit if your in the Lakes. They're also producing a booklet next year on Donald.

Psychic Celebrity!
Donalds psychic powers evaluated!
A website dedicated to Landspeed racing! Check out the shop area.

The Electric Bluebird Homepage
This site contains lots of information on Donald's nephew's attempt to break the Electric land speed record
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Land Speed Record page
Simon Lewis' Landspeed Record page
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Moving Image
John Pittaway prints for sale from Moving Image
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Wingfoot Express page
Page dedicated to Walt Arfons Built and bobby Tatroe driven Wingfoot Express page

Coniston Power Boat Records Week
Great site with details of the Coniston Power Boat week, and history of Record Week.
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American Challenge WSR
New challenge by American Russ Wicks on the WSR

The Quicksilver WSR Homepage
Information on a fresh attempt on the Water Speed Record. The boat has been designed by Ken Norris, and the proposed venue for an attempt is Coniston.
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White Hawk webpage
Site deicated to White Hawk K5, Frank and Stella Hanning-Lees Ken Lewis designed boat.

The Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum
A site with some items on Donald

Ken Warbys challenge for the WSR
This links to the challengers page, read Kens forthright views on the other challengers!

The Speed Record Club
Joining this club is a must for all speed record enthusiasts, with sections on current activity, models, as well as a classifieds section.
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Bluebird Modelmakers Internet Group
A Bluebird Modellers group has now been set up on Yahoo, if you would like to join please click on the link below.

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Hydroplane History Website
A huge site with numerous pages of old magazine articles on Donald as well as photographs and a video clip. (Search for Donald Campbell or Bluebird to find the pages quicker!)

Beaulieu Motor Museum
CN7 Is kept at Beaulieu. Why not pay a visit? You can view details of their record breaking cars online!
Click here to open the Beaulieu website
Click on for larger pictureClick on for larger pictureClick on for larger picture
CN7 At Beaulieu Another view of CN7 At Beaulieu A tyre off of CN7 (The large one!)

The British Racing Mechanics Club (BRMC)
Leo Villa was a founding member of this club and it's still going strong today! You do need to have been a professional Motor Racing Mechanic for two years to join. Their website is open to all though!
Click here to open the BRMC website

The Lakeland Motor Museum

A link to the Lakeland Motor Museum, where amongst other things are full scale replicas of one of Malcolm Campbells cars and one of Donalds Boats.

The Foulkes-Halbard Collection at Filching Manor

A link to the Motor Museum, where the owner Paul Foulkes-Halbard has stated that he owns the newly recovered K7! It also houses various Bluebird Memorabilia as well as Sir Malcolm Campbells K3!

Photographs of K7

Photograph of K7 at Ruislip Lido, obtainable from here!

Lakeland Guest House The Lakeland Guest house offers accomodation to all Campbell enthusiasts.
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